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Re: French Users Group

My assumption would be that a French forum would probably not see more postings than the international (English) forums which already exist on this site. If that assumption is right, experience with the existing forums suggests that it is probably reasonable and fully sufficient to limit yourself to only a few forums, such as one on Modeling (including customization), one on Drafting (including customization), and one on Model Manager.

On the Enhancements Requests forum: I'd advise to use the existing English language Enhancement Requests forum. This makes it easier for folks at CoCreate to find out about customer requests because then there are fewer places to check. Maybe we can arrange an agreement that enhancement requests can be posted in French as well, and we'd then try to find volunteers who translate the requests.

I'm just suggesting options. In the end, poor John is likely to do the hard work involved with all this, so he must have a say in this.

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