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Re: Attend PlanetPTC Virtual CoCreate

Originally Posted by John Scheffel View Post
Thanks for posting Paul. So far I have not received anything about this from PTC formal communication channels. Will an announcement be sent to the distribution lists?

It is not clear to me how long this conference will be. The registration page indicates it starts at 9:00AM EDT which is pretty early for those of us on the West Coast. Can people attend any time or do we need to login at 9:00AM EDT?

What about people in other time time zones? For example, we have people in Asia Pacific. At 9:00AM EDT it is 9:00PM in Singapore/Malaysia/China. Is there an option for them to attend at a better time?
Hi John,

I'm also surprised there hasn't been more information sent out about this, though I believe something is being sent out by PTC this week (Thursday is the targeted day, I believe).

Here's what I know so far about the event: It's actually from 1:00pm-5:00pm EDT; there will also be opportunities for after-event viewing of various materials and such (I'm not exactly sure how this all will work, however). During the event, there will be 2 presentations from PTC: one by Paul Hamilton and Chris Whitman, and one by Martin Neumueller and Brad Tallis. There will also be time for networking with other attendees and visiting the booths in the virtual exhibit hall.

I only happen to know this much because we're going to have a booth at the event -- we'd like to invite everyone to visit our booth and say hello!

I'm sure more information will be coming soon -- we'll pass it along as we receive it!
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