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Old 02-09-2007, 02:42 PM
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Don't save Annotation drawings using Designer Drafting!

If you call up an Annotation drawing in Designer Drafting and save it back into the Model Manager database, it blows away the Model Status and 2D-3D Link information. Which means you won't be able to query the database to find out which model goes with the drawing anymore.

I reported this as a bug to CoCreate, and they originally agreed that it was. However, today I received an email from them that says:

Sorry to open this back up, but I just received new information from R&D today. After further analysis of ramifications of future support issues arising from such a switch, they have now concluded that this needs to remain a customization for the forseeable future. Such a customization is not covered under basic support, but could be contracted for via our Solution Consulting Organization. According to R&D, the customization simply needs to override the save method, check the OSMProduct, and throw an exception.

So word of warning - don't modify Annotation drawings using Designer Drafting. It was never a good idea to do this anyway, since you can't update the views while in Designer Drafting, but this now makes it really important not to use it. Saving an Annnotation drawing using Designer Drafting makes it so you won't be able to find the model that goes with the drawing anymore.

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Old 04-26-2007, 04:23 AM
M.Fitzpatrick M.Fitzpatrick is offline
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Re: Don't save Annotation drawings using Designer Drafting!

I have been able to save many drawings that have broken their associativity. Load the model and the drawing in SD. Then select attach views, pick the corresponding 2d view and attach it to the 3d view. then update and you should be reconnected. In some cases this hasn't worked (model wasn't saved after the viewset was created). To check this just open the viewset in the browser bar and make sure it matches up with the views on the 2d dwg. Sometimes we end up with multiple viewsets for one part and attaching can be confusing. However if you do things correctly you shouldn't have to worry about having to reconnect dwg to models.

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