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Aspiration Innovation, Inc. 
Developer of world-class productivity tools and solutions for SolidDesigner/OneSpace Designer Modeling since 1995.  We specialize in streamlining everyday design tasks, allowing engineers and designers to concentrate on designing more efficiently and effectively rather than focusing on CAD tool operation.  This helps you turn your ideas into reality ahead of your competition!  More information is available on our website at  Please take a look, and then experience the benefits for yourself with our Free Trial!

Concurrent Systems, Inc.
We provide custom WorkManager solutions as well as integration products between WorkManager and Pro/E, Microsoft Office, Spicer's View/Markup, Informative Graphics View/Markup. We cover the range from native solutions to custom Web versions of WorkManager.

Engineering Computer Sales
ECS is focused on providing leading edge engineering solutions and valued added services based around the CoCreate product range.

NeXus informatica srl
Authorized Partner for CoCreate products

Pentagon Engineering Corporation
Pentagon Engineering is a premier solution integrator dedicated to the HP/CoCreate product line. Pentagon has the highest quality support, training, and consulting organization available for these products.

RCS CAD Systems
RCS is dedicated to providing state of the art quality and productivity in design through the use of CoCreate and Hewlett Packard line of products. Our focus is the highest quality in engineering automation.


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